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I grew up on Maui playing at the beach, doing a ton of gymnastics, endless dance classes, and watched my parents be successful entrepreneurs. All of this is the foundation of who I am today. After traveling and experiencing the grand world beyond the islands for many years I returned.

It's here I have learned about how much I enjoy being an artist. And while I adore photography, it was not my first love. Dance will always have my heart. Most of all I love dance for the challenge and the way it makes me feel alive and how I get to enjoy music in the most thrilling of ways. Choreography is my happy place and teaching at the studio I grew up at is a perfect fit for giving back and creating passion in others.

Beyond my love for dance and photography I love relaxing in the backyard with my family, trying new things in new places. I love making people laugh and surrounding myself with people who I can laugh with. I love the adventurous outdoors, especially finding new waterfalls. I love surfing. Something about being in the sun with friends, in the water challenged to ride the perfect wave with style. I love to discover the love and mysteries of God in my life. I adore quiet. I love artists and their passion.

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